Welcome to Supportive Cancer Care Victoria (SCCV) project website developed to ensure easy access to information and resources and to foster communication and collaboration between the nine Integrated Cancer Services (ICS) in Victoria.

The SCCV project has been initiated to assist the ICS implement the Victorian Government’s supportive care policy: Providing optimal cancer care: Supportive care policy for Victoria. This policy underpins the work of the ICS to achieve high quality supportive care services for people affected by cancer and provides a framework for achieving Victoria’s Cancer Action Plan 2008-2011.

Victoria’s Cancer Action Plan 2008-2011 (VCAP) sets the direction and targets for the cancer reforms over the next three years. Action Area four of VCAP commits to strengthening supportive care services for people with cancer and their carers and establishes the following supportive care targets:

The SCCV project will assist the ICS to develop local strategies to help improve supportive care outcomes for people affected by cancer and achieve the VCAP targets.

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Supportive Cancer Care Victoria is funded by the Cancer and Palliative Care Section of the
Victorian State Government's Department of Health in support of Victoria's Supportive Care Policy.