Key Principles

The Supportive Care Policy outlines five principles that underpin the supportive care strategic direction for Victoria at all levels of supportive care services for people affected by cancer.

  1. A person-centred (and family-centred) approach to care.
  2. A system-wide and team approach, within and across services and sectors, to ensure that all health care professionals have responsibility for supportive care.
  3. Developing and supporting the workforce to optimise their capacity to respond to the needs of those affected by cancer, building on skills and experience, and optimising sustainable approaches.
  4. Maintaining a focus on quality of care through providing evidence-based protocols and processes and monitoring progress and outcomes through medical record audit, benchmarking and peer review.
  5. Population-based planning to identify the needs of the population and gaps in existing supportive care services and to facilitate an informed approach to future service planning.

Supportive Cancer Care Victoria is funded by the Cancer and Palliative Care Section of the
Victorian State Government's Department of Health in support of Victoria's Supportive Care Policy.