Resource Links

Goverment Policy Documents

Providing optimal cancer care: Supportive care policy for Victoria
(PDF: 327 KB)
Victoria’s Cancer Action Plan 2008-2011 (VCAP)
(PDF: 3.16 MB)

Professional Development Resources

The Cancer Learning online professional development hub
(External Website)
The EdCaN online learning resource suite for cancer nursing
(External Website)

Professional Development Frameworks

SCCV Supportive Care Framework - July 2011
(PDF: 873 KB)
SCCV Supportive Care Competencies Resource Guide - July 2011
(PDF: 915 KB)
The Cancer Care Professional Development Framework
(PDF: 11.7 MB)
The EdCaN National Professional Development Framework for Cancer Nursing: 2nd Ed-June 2009
(PDF: 383 KB)

Supportive Cancer Care Victoria is funded by the Cancer and Palliative Care Section of the
Victorian State Government's Department of Health in support of Victoria's Supportive Care Policy.