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9.45 am - 11.15 am: Morning Plenary Session
Chairs: Phillipa Hartney & Sanchia Aranda
Presenter: Dr Carrie Lethborg
Unfair care – time to face the supportive care needs of the underserved with cancer
Not Available
Presenter: Professor Suzanne Chambers
Factors that influence access to psychosocial care: What happened with translation?
Not Available
11.45 am - 12.45 pm: Morning Concurrent Sessions
Session 2:
Implementing change in cancer and palliative care
Chairs: Michelle McKimmie
& Robyn Moylan
Session 3:
Providing Supportive Care: Real life experiences
Chairs: Chris Packer
& Jenny Donnelly
Session 4:
Consumer Involvement
Chairs: Melinda Williams
& Kirsty Rollason
Presenter: Di Saward
End of Life Care: Implementing the Liverpool Care Pathway across four oncology in-patient sites
PDF (132 KB)
Presenter: Sarah Shipp
Living with cancer: enabling leisure participation
PDF (162 KB)
Presenter: Amanda Spillare
Working together to better service the community of people living with cancer
PDF (132 KB)
Presenter: Dr Michael Franco
Many a slip twixt the trial and the rollout - Pathway for Improving the Care of the Dying ‘PICD’ an integrated end of life care pathway
PDF (792 KB)
Presenter: Mary Anne Silvers
Application Of Lean Thinking Methodology: Prescription of Nutritional Supplements As Medication By Dietitians
PDF (1 MB)
Presenter: Anthony Love
Engaging Cancer Patients and Their Carers: A Change Process
PDF (267 KB)
Presenter: Christine Scott
Strategies to support sustainable supportive care screening
PDF (478 KB)
Presenter: Judith Purbrick
Mentoring for Lymphoedema therapists in the NEMICS region
PDF (259 KB)
Presenter: Glenys Smith
Training consumer volunteers for the LMICS Swan Hill Cancer Resource Centre
PDF (624 KB)
2.20 pm - 3.40 pm: Afternoon Concurrent Sessions
Session 6:
Screening in specific patient populations
Chairs: Robyn McIntyre
& Bridget Wislang
Session 7:
Multidisciplinary education and communication
Chairs: Kaye Matthews
& Narelle Wadsworth
Session 8:
Adolescent and Young Adults and Family Communication 
Chairs: Kathy Simons
& Mirella Matthews
Presenter: Dr Sarah Kofoed
What happens after supportive care screening is performed?
Not Available
Presenter: Rosalind Deacon
Developing Professional Linkages Across the Loddon Mallee Region to Facilitate Sustainable Supportive Cancer Care
PDF (277 KB)
Presenter: Dr Sarah Drew
Consumer perspectives on adolescent friendly care
Not Available
Presenter: Jenny Donnelly
Supportive Care Screening in Elderly Cancer Patients: why focus on this population, and how do we measure our success?
PDF (342 KB)
Presenter: June Savva
The development, implementation, and evaluation of an evidence based education program to guide family meetings in the oncology setting
PDF (618 KB)
Presenter: Chris Williams
Utilising commercially available software to develop customised roadmaps for patients and their caregivers: a quality management project
PDF (723 KB)
Presenter: Karla Gough
Sexual and hormonal quality of life differences between clinical subgroups of men commencing radiotherapy for prostate cancer
PDF (109 KB)
Presenter: Melinda Williams
Innovative electronic system enhances supportive care communication
PDF (371 KB)
Presenter: Dr Sarah Drew
Who’s following up on the follow up? Unmet service needs of survivors of childhood cancer and their parents
Not Available
Presenter: Dianne Legge
Innovations in supportive care practice: the Brain Tumour Support Officer at Austin Health
PDF (480 KB)
Presenter: Alison Hocking
Vicarious trauma in oncology social work: a team response
Not Available
Presenter: Margaret Hjorth
Improving patient outcomes through developing and implementing radiotherapy education and information package for consumers and health-care professionals in the Grampians region
PDF (326 KB)
4.00 pm - 5.10 pm: Afternoon Plenary Session
Chairs: Phillipa Hartney & Sanchia Aranda
Presenter: Dr Bruce Rumbold
Asking the questions about spirituality
Not Available
Presenter: Meg Rynderman
Supportive care from the perspective of a survivor - does it really happen?
Not Available

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